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Twilight Sparkle Outfit – My Little Pony

Here we go with the smartest pony in Equestria! She is Princess Celestia’s pupil, a natural-born leader and she lives and works in the Golden Oak Library in Ponyville: we are talking about the big-brained and super cute Twilight Sparkle. There was a time in which she was a complete bookworm this is why Celestia charged her with the specific study of the magic of friendship, so she learned that friendship isn’t always easy but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting forFollowing her suggestion we styled a comfortable and girly outfit suitable for a sitting in a library, a visit to a museum or to hang out with friends as well. We and Twi love the BlackMilk skater skirt: the pink and purple galaxy print on it is the Horse Head Nebula (courtesy Nasa/JPL-Caltech). The stars remind us of her cutiemark and match perfectly with the Pandora Pavé Star Ring. Add a touch of fuxia with the bright Abercrombie top and some more sparkle with the beautiful Superga sneakers then grab a cozy denim jacket – the one in our collage is by Dorothy Perkins. You can’t get the perfect Twily look without a robust, capable, ergonomic backpack (Eastpack Padded Pak’R in the image below) to carry Claire’s pluffy diary – in which you can annote your thoughts and organize the schedule – and your beloved books. You know, reading is something everypony can enjoy, if they just give it a try!”. The outfit is almost complete: you just need to straight your mane with the miraculous GHD styler, wear the Urban Decay deep pink eyeshadow and, least but not last, vaporize the magical fruity floral Vera Wang fragrance, which is perfect for a Princess in progress! 😉

2Daybit - Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony inspired outfit
2Daybit – Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony inspired outfit

Hasbro – My Little Pony

Twilight Sparkle image by HornFlakes on Deviantart
BlackMilkGalaxy Purple Skater Skirt
AbercrombieSugarlips Crop Top
Dorothy PerkinsLola Skye Bleach Wash Denim Jacket
Superga2750-PAIWREFLEX – Fuxia
PandoraPavé Star Ring
Vera WangPrincess perfume
GHDSunset Professional Styler
EastpackPadded Pak’R® Nightlyn
Claire’sMy Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Mini Padlock Diary
Urban DecayEyeshadow

NB: “We’ve learned that friendship isn’t always easy but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for” is a quote from the episode The Return of Harmony Part 2 and “Reading is something everypony can enjoy, if they just give it a try.” is from Read It and Weep. 

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Applejack Outfit – My Little Pony

Hi guys! We spent the last few days in Appleloosa, we stayed at the lovely Sweet Apple Acres where we met Granny Smith and her family. Granny backed some delicious apple treats to greet us and during the stay we talked a lot to Applejack; we discovered that she is brave, dependable, strong, a very hard-worker and that she is an excellent athlete too. She has great ability with the lasso in fact she won the related contest in the Iron Pony Competition! Applejack guided us through the town till the buffalo territory then she had to come back to work on the farm so she borrowed us her mini iPad to consult Appleloosa‘s map and continue our excursion all alone without getting lost. We loved her style and even if she may appear like a tomboy sometimes, she also has a fine cowgirlish attitude. A classic western hat is always on the top of her head so it is a must for an AJ inspired outfit ; we matched it with the Jeffrey Campbell Route 66 mules and the pocket faux leather belt to get a perfect country style. Wear a soft and bright green checked shirt like this by Abercrombie & Fitch and be comfortable – and a little bit sexy 😉 – with a pair of RunwayDreamz denim cut off shorts. We suggest to complete the look with a touch of color on your lips and cheeks – the “How ‘Bout them apples?” cream palette by The Balm is ideal for the purpose – and to enhance your nails with the Opi “Big Apple Red” polish, finally you can obtain the perfect puffy ponytail with the apposite Claire’s tool. Don’t forget your cutie mark by wearing a pair of studded apple earrings and a lucky horseshoe pendant by Tiffany. Keep up being loyal and focused and sit up proud like a corn stalk in August.

2Daybit - My Little Pony -  Fluttershy inspired outfit

2Daybit – My Little Pony – Fluttershy inspired outfit

Hasbro – My Little Pony
Applejack image by Jeat-zaxl found on devianrt

Appleloosa Map by Evaxilth on Deviantart
Tiffany 1837™  – Horseshoe pendant in gold
Abercrombie & Fitch Green Plaid Lindsey Shirt
Jeffrey CampbellRoute 66 Mules
ModCloth – Back Bay Bicycle Club Belt in Brown
Bailey JuniperWool Cowgirl Hat
Claire’sThe Puffy Pony Volumising Styling Tool
OpiBig Apple Red
AppleiPad Mini
The Balm“How ‘Bout them apples?” Lip and Cheek Cream Palette
Sweet Red Apple Clear Rhinestone With Gold Alloy Stud Earrings
RynwayDreamzCheeky runaway stone cut off

NB: “Made me sit up proud like a corn stalk in August” is a quote from the episode Equestria Games, the 24° in the fourth season of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and the 89° overall.

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Pinkie Pie Outfit – My Little Pony

Hi guys ! Here we are with the fourth My Little Pony outfit. This time we played with Pinkie Pie, the funniest party girl in Equestria.  If you wanna get her jolly attitude start your look by curling your hair with the prodigious GHD Styler, then match the wavy hairstyle with a total pink fresh skater dress – the one in our image is by “Oh My Love” – and don’t forget your plushy diary to write down all your crazy party ideas ;). The Miu Miu denim mini bag is gonna be perfect to carry your Collistar super gloss and your inseparable Ipod shuffle: now you are ready! Wear your best smile and dance around like there’s no tomorrow with this sugarlicious Pinkie styling!

My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie Outfit - 2DayBit

My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie Outfit – 2DayBit

Hasbro – My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie image found here
Oh My Love – Deep V Skater Dress
Converse – All Star Chuck Taylor Fresh Colors – Yellow
Claire’s – My Little Pony Plush Mini Diary
GHD – V Pink Diamond Styler
Collistar – Supergloss n.5 Pastel Pink @ Douglas
BijouBrigitte – Bracelets – 3 times sugar
BijouBrigitte – Earring Set – Sweets
Miu Miu – Mini Bag
Apple – Ipod Shuffle
Pandora – Bracelet with charms


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Rainbow Dash Outfit – My Little Pony

Hi from Alice & Anna! We are finally in a lovely seaside location in Italy, yesterday we were sunbathing on the beach (well, actually Alice was sunbathing, while I was writing something well hidden under the umbrella!) when we stumbled upon a crazy idea: a series of MyLittlePony inspired summer outfit! So, this is the first one and we developed it starting from the colorful Rainbow Dash. Anecdote: This is the first time that I “play” with a little pony, Alice is definitely more skilled on the subject so she picked out some of the cutest and most inspiring ponies!

Rainbow Dash - Outfit - 2Daybit

Rainbow Dash – Outfit – 2Daybit

CREDITS: Calzedonia – Bikini www.calzedonia.it Hollister – High Rise Shorts www.hollisterco.com/shop/eu/girls-jeans-and-bottoms-high-rise-shorts/hollister-high-rise-short-shorts-2045072 Dior – Vernis Lucky 659 www.dior.com Prada – Royal Blue Backpack www.prada.com (picture by http://www.snobessentials.com) Converse – Orange All Star www.converse.com / @ www.sarenza.it Claire’s – My Little Pony – Necklace www.claires.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=28570 Claire’s – My Little Pony – Bracelet www.claires.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=28569 Mimoco – USB Flash Drive – Rainbow Dash www.mimoco.com/mimobot/rainbow-dash-mimobot My Little Ponywww.hasbro.com Rainbow Dash image in the collage by CrusierPl www.crusierpl.deviantart.com/art/Hovering-Rainbow-Dash-289738689